Bethesda brought their booty at E3

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


The buccaneers over at Bethesda haven´t forgot about their outrageously popular 360 title The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion just yet, and they proved it by announcing a new downloadable quest at E3 last week.
Titled ”Thieves Den”, the quest takes part in a massive cave home to a haunted pirate ship. The quest provides an unique incentive, as the player doesn´t only have the opportunity to plunder the ectoplasmic buccaneer booty, but can also gain control over the whole cave. By gaining control over the ship, a player can choose to shed his landlubbing ways and walk the life of a pirate. As pirate captain, one can choose to decorate his/her cabin or form a band of buccaneers and spend his days pillaging.

Bethesda developer Ashley Cheng also discussed further future content; ”We´re going to keep on releasing demos every three to four weeks as long as people keep playing … We´ve got six or seven in the queue—one is a huge and epic dungeon.” he commented. As far as pricing goes, all Cheng had to say was ”We´re really trying some different things on the pricing.”. Cheng also told that the dowloadable content will not affect their commitment for developing expansion packs, confirming rumours that they are indeed coming. Launch details, however, remain a mystery.

Gamers still have a little time to go out and buy a parrot, learn to stretch their arrrrrrs or brush up on their swashbuckling lingo, the ETA of the Thieves Den is two weeks.