Conan 360 confirmed

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


Funcom has confirmed speculations of their anticipated Windows Vista title´s, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, X360 release.
Bringing the brutal world of Robert E. Howard´s Conan the Barbarian to life, Hyborian Adventures is promised to become a fresh and more ”mature” MMORPG experience. Mangled bodies, severed heads and a plethora of different monstrosities are in store in Funcom´s upcoming adventure.

Featuring both a single-player and MMO environment, the game will borrow from Howard´s novels without actually placing the player in the boots of the biggest barbarian himself. Challenged with the task of rising to become a warrior of Conan´s stature, gamers will be able to simultaneosly interact between both single- and multiplayer experiences. The MMO environment is said to place a heavy emphasis on roleplay, and will feature the possibility to wander the land as a rogue or engage in guild-esque activities. Players are promised numerous customization options to themselves and the world itself, from smithing your own weapons to completely player created towns and settlements.

Boasted by many as the best MMO of E3 earlier this year, hopes are high as we near the Age of Conan. The release date however, remains a mystery.

See the game´s website for more info.