Crackdown Cracks Some Skulls

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


Microsoft announced yesterday, that the Crackdown demo on Xbox Live Marketplace has made new records on the amount of downloads. The demo was released 23rd of January and it became the most downloaded item within 24 hours of its release. The demo also broke earlier records in the amount of downloads during one week. The closest competitor, Lost Planet demo, lost by a clear margin. Microsoft hasn´t released the exact amount of downloads.
In Crackdown you play as a super-agent, whose mission is to destroy the criminal gangs that pollute the city. The demo features a single player campaign and Live co-op gameplay with limited features. In the full release players can invite their friends to a game and switch from single player to co-op in the middle of a game. Skill progression has also been made faster, enabling the players to experience the agents´ abilities to full extent in a limited amount of time.

Crackdown will hit the store shelves February 23rd in Europe and February 20th in the US.