Devil May Cry 4 Shrugs Off Exclusivity

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


Capcom have announced they are bringing Devil May Cry 4 to PC and Xbox 360. Furthermore, the Xbox 360 version is slated to be released simultaneously with the PS3 version. No exact release date was given. The DMC franchise has shipped 6,8 million copies since 2001.
The press release states:

    ”The latest iteration, ”Devil May Cry 4” will take advantage of each platform´s hardware strengths to achieve the most stunning visuals in the series to date, and the introduction of a mysterious new protagonist will keep the action fast and fresh. Even before its release, ”Devil May Cry 4″ has been met with tremendous anticipation, as fans patiently endured long lines at TOKYO GAME SHOW 2006 for the chance to play the demo.”

Source: Press release