Downloadable Content for Battlestation: Midway *Updated*

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


It has come to game media´s attention that the first expansion pack for Battlestation: Midway is in the works. The pack will include at least one new single-player mission and one brand new, massive multiplayer map, and in total of five new ships and aircrafts.
The single-player map is based on a battle on the Carolina Island where the Americans bombed a secret Japanese naval base. This stage introduces the players with at least one new unit: the P38 Lightning fighter.

The multiplayer map download contains a new huge battle at sea. This new map throws for example aircraft carriers and massive battleships at players´ disposal. The Americans´ side will have a new battleship Iowa, and the Japanese will be able to do battle with their largest battleships Yamato and Musashi.

According to IGN, the expansion pack will be made for download on March for the price of 600 Microsoft Points.

Update: Eidos has announced that the downloadable has been delayed until end of month due to technical difficulties.