Duke Nukem Forever Not Taking Forever?

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


Yesterday, 3D Realms told what their plans are for Duke Nukem Forever. Work on Duke Nukem Forever began in 1997, and after several ambitious designs and draw-backs, the game was pushed back a plethora of times. The name seemed to be an omen. Now, it seems, 3D Realms have steeled themselves, and begun the work in earnest.
In an interview at You Gamers 3D Realms´ Scott Miller says: ”First, we fully admit we’re screwed up the development of DNF, and it’s now an industry joke. I laugh (and cry) when I think about it, too. Our fault is that we set the bar too high, and we tried too hard to make the game to beat all games. In the last 18 months we’ve taken a much more realistic look at the project, we’ve hired a truckload of experienced help, and I personally believe we are now on the right track…finally.”

3D Realms have stated before that Duke Nukem Forever would be released as a multi-platform game. No official word on the release platforms has been given, so a Xbox 360 conversion is only speculation at this time. Maybe, just maybe, the wait that seemed to last forever is finally nearing its end.