EA Developer Claims 360 to Win the War

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Andrew Garrett, an EA developer of such titles as Medal of Honor: European Assault and Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth II, has claimed that the development community nowadays believes in Xbox 360 being triumphant in the on-going war of the consoles.
When replying on a post at FreeRepublic.com, Garrett (or somebody using his name) told that in twelve months of time, there have been major fluctuations when it comes to people guessing what the alpha console will be.

Last year, the prediction was that Sony would win the next-gen war, that the PS3 would be the dominant console, just like the PS2 was. That is no longer the case,” he began.

The extremely strong performance of the Wii, combined with the miserable performance of Sony has revised pretty much everyone´s expectations. Right now, most of us here think the 360 will be on top for this generation, with the battle for second place between Sony and Nintendo (and that´s a major shock, as we´d nearly written Nintendo off for the non-handheld market.)

He concluded: ”Most of us still think Sony will beat off Nintendo, simply due to the older graphics on the Wii, but it´s not a sure thing. My opinion – get the 360 and/or the Wii. Skip the PS3 unless there´s a big change in the near future.

This is of course just the view of one insider, but still a significant statement from a person working for the largest production company in the industry.