Frag the Strogg on Xbox 360 – Quake Wars!

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Activision has announced that they are bringing Enemy Territory: Quake Wars to consoles. Previously the game has been exclusively developed for PC. Quake Wars is an objective driven, multiplayer focused and tactical shooter set in the Quake universe. Nerve Software (Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil) is responsible for the Xbox 360 version.
The player can choose the sides of Global Defense Force or the Strogg, choose a class out of five possible, and duke it out in 16 player matches using exotic equipment like jetpacks, teleporters and remote controlled robots. The game will also feature a plethora of vehicles and stationary guns. Furthermore, there will be an experience system, in true Enemy Territory fashion.

Quake Wars´ console release date was not announced – it is also unclear how much the console and PC versions differ from each other.

Source: Press Release