Gears of War Gets An Update

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Epic has noted that their newly released and highly acclaimed Gears of War is suffering from problems with aspect ratio when played on normal 4:3 monitors using the VGA cable.
Mark Rein, Vice President of Epic Games, posted the following message on the official Gears of War forum:

We think we´ve fixed the VGA aspect ratio issue. This still has to go through testing and then certification but provided we didn´t mess anything else up by making this fix it should be in the next update. I can´t predict when this update will be released because we´re still working on a few other things for the update and, as I said earlier, it needs to go through the cert process. As soon as we have a good idea when that will be, and what ended up making it into this update, we´ll publish some information about it on this forum.”

So stay tuned for further information on the subject.