Golden Bullet Witch Readies for Launch

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Atari Inc. announced yesterday that their futuristic action game, Bullet Witch has gone golden. The game is developed by Japanese Cavia and published in cooperation with AQ Interactive. Bullet Witch will hit the shelves 27th of February in North America and 9th of March across Europe.
In Bullet Witch, you play as Alicia, who holds the fate of mankind in her hands. The year is 2013 and civilization is at the brink of destruction, as hordes of demons begin their endless onslaught. Alicia must rely on her innate magical abilities and skill with firearms.

The game is inspired by both western and oriental horror and fantasy. Bullet Witch features a full-blown physics engine, which enables widespread environmental damage, by using Xbox 360´s advanced abilities.

”It´s been a great pleasure for us working on this project with Atari, and we´re very excited about the release of Bullet Witch in North America and Europe”, said Naohiko Hoshino, Executive Vice President of AQ Interactive Inc. ”How well the critically acclaimed Japanese title will be accepted in the leading countries of Third Person Shooting games is going to be a litmus test, and we consider it a challenge as well. We´ve been working on our upcoming titles and are looking forward to continuing to introduce those high-quality games to the global market in the future.”

”Bullet Witch shows a unique worldview with the combination of reality and fantasy through its guns and magical powers,” said Tohru Takahashi, Producer, Cavia Inc. ”Also, by using the physics engine, we were able to have glitzy effects in the game as well. We hope players will enjoy Alicia´s magical power to blow up cars and enemies and experience all the elements that are impossible in the real world, and we hope the overseas game fans are looking forward to this unique title.”

Atari plans also to support the game extensively through Xbox Live Marketplace. The publisher confirmed that five downloadable packs will be made available in every two weeks after the game´s launch. The packs contain new outfits for Alicia and revised maps.

Source: Press Release