Gundam mechs hitting the 360 next winter

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


Namco Bandai has announced the release of Mobile Ops: The One Year War exclusively for the Xbox 360.
Mobile Ops: The One Year War will have player immersed in the fierce mech battles of Bandai´s popular Gundam universe. ”With dramatic cockpit views and exquisitely detailed mobile suits, we fully expect ´Mobile Ops´ to immerse gamers into a futuristic world where giant mechas loom against a war-torn horizon,” claimed Yoshi Niki, business director at Namco Bandai Games America Inc. He continued ”As desperate battles ensue in both open battlefields and urban environments, players can choose to engage enemies on foot, in vehicles or in mobile suits.”

In addition to an ”Only on..” logo, the game will boast ´full-blown´ Xbox Live support. Including scenario based multiplayer battles, numerous battlefields and an array of different weapons for the vastly customizable mechs.

Expect to hear more from Mobile Ops: The One Year War at next month´s E3 event.