Happy New Year 2007!

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


As the year draws to an end Livegamers wishes you a happy New Year and hopes for an even greater gaming year 2007. We look back on the year 2006 by finding out what GameSpot´s brilliant Best and Worst 2006 awards and Major Nelson´s most popular Xbox Live titles list have to say about the past year.
In celebration of this year´s best and worst games, GameSpot has held a splendid virtual award gala. In six very different categories the editorial team of GameSpot decided who´s who in 2006. The highest honor went to Gears of War, which won the Game of the Year award, leaving behind other nominees such as The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Tom Clancy´s Rainbow Six Vegas. Not surprisingly, five of the ten Game of the Year nominees were Xbox 360 titles. Gears of War also snatched the award for Best Graphics, Best Multiplayer and the masculine Delta Squad even won for being the Best New Characters. Saints Row won for being the Most Surprisingly Good Game and Dead Rising was awarded for the Best Use of Xbox 360 Achievement Points.

To enjoy the entire virtual gala, visit GameSpot.

Major Nelson also published a list containing the most played and most popular Xbox Live games of this year. Top Xbox 360 title is the celebrated Gears of War. Hexic HD holds the number two spot, and Call of Duty 2 is at number three. UNO is in the lead on the most played Arcade games list and Halo 2 on the most played original Xbox titles. The Arcade titles list was based on the amount of purchases and the most played titles lists were based on the number of Gamertags that have played each game.

Thanks to Major Nelson and GameSpot, and happy New Year to all!