Hitman: Blood Money coming to Xbox 360

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Eidos Interactive announced today, that Hitman: Blood Money will be released also on Xbox 360. The game has already been confirmed on PS2, Xbox and PC. All versions will be released during this spring.
The game will feature HD graphics on Xbox 360 but otherwise is the same game on all platforms.

Game features:
– Earn payment for the successful assassination of targets, the more professional your approach, the higher the reward.

– Play stealthily like a professional assassin or take out everyone in your path, but don´t expect to escape the consequences if you leave a trail of evidence behind you. Your notoriety will affect your passage through the game.

– Use the funds you accumulate to purchase custom built weapon parts, to increase precision and effectiveness and reflect your preferred playing style.

– Living, breathing locations based upon real word environments and scenarios create a multitude of assassination possibilities, potential challenges and re-playable scenarios. Whilst never before seen levels of detail; including next-generation technical effects add even more realism to the game.

– Use the environment to your advantage, climb, scale and vault through your surroundings, to hunt down and eliminate your targets.

– New reactionary moves allow you to respond to the situations at hand – use hand to hand combat, distraction, hostages and many new assassination techniques to reach and take down your targets

– Realistic world simulation, with intelligent civilians and hostiles, observe and react to your behavior and respond to your notoriety.

– Fully dynamic camera, featuring 1st and 3rd person modes.