Hold ´em for free…

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


It´s official, gambling junkies can start getting their cyber fix from the Live Arcade as of Wednesday, August 23, at 08:00 GMT (that´s one week from today). Even better, it´s free!

However, gamers itching for what is probably the most anticipated Live Arcade title to date, Texas Hold ´em, will have to be poised to download. For as of 08:01 GMT on Friday, August 25, Texas Hold ´em will set you back 800 Microsoft Points. Someone better call Ted Stevens, ´cause it looks like Microsoft is up for some major tube clogging.

Xbox.com has also been updated with info on Texas Hold ´em´s virtual bankroll designed to keep a tab on your virtual gambling success. Will you make it to the table of high rollers or scramble for scraps with the rest of the poker chumps? It may sound daunting, but atleast Mr Moore won´t be breaking your kneecaps when met by a losing streak.

Remember, remember the 23rd of August.