IGN Entertainment acquires Livegamers!

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


It´s official: IGN Entertainment and the largest scandinavian online community Livegamers have combined their efforts! From the beginning of April, Livegamers is transferred directly to the ownership of the American corporation IGN. The deal will strenghten Livegamers´ position in the highest peak of European Internet mediums, and IGN will have a strong foothold in the European market.
IGN Entertainment officials have commented that Livegamers is a shining example how innovative services can build a strong community and the contract opens new possibilities to the corporation.

”Livagamers is a well known and popular Xbox community in Scandinavia. They have connected to their audience in a most impressive way,”
says Max Jeng, CEO of IGN Entertainment. ”Our corporate portfolio gets more variety and we can offer new venues to the game publishers to get closer to Xbox Live gamers.”

Livegamers´ users shouldn´t worry – there are no radical changes planned in the near-future. The language choices and updated graphics are the most pronounced. Other changes will be announced in the future.

Livegamers´ administration are most satisfied with the merger. The deal offers a solid foundation to expand the service abroad.

IGN Entertainment is a part of Fox Interactive Inc, which owns for example TeamXbox and Gamespy Internet sites. The corporation has over 300 employees and over 70 million people every month use the corporation´s Internet services.