Jetpack Refuelled Next in Arcade

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


Microsoft has announced that this week´s downloadable arcade game will be the Rare classic Jetpack Refuelled.
Jetpack Refuelled is an improved version of the space shooter Jetpack that was originally released in 1983. In Jetpack Refuelled, the player´s mission is to fight his way through 128 alien-infested levels in an attempt to fuel up his spaceship. In addition to the amped up version, the players will get to experience bouts of nostalgia as they play through the 16 levels of the also included original version of the game.

Jetpack Refuelled can be played both with or without a friend. This head to head mode can be played both online and off. The price of the game will be 400 Microsoft Points.