Livegamers Is Recruiting

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As winter draws near and the gaming industry is waking up to a new era with the aid of fantastic new games, we at Livegamers are also looking to develop our site. Livegamers is recruiting enthusiastic, hard working news assistants to help us enhance the quality and content of our site.
One of the biggest changes here at Livegamers has been the opening of our PC Area October 17th. This has brought Livegamers hundreds of new users and also the need for more English content.

Recruiting News Assistants

Your field of expertise is finding and writing fresh news concerning Xbox and PC. You´ll be working side by side with our fantastic editorial staff, who will help you get started. You will need a keen sense of what´s news and what´s not, along with the ability to write fluent and versatile English. If you think you are the news assistant we´re looking for, please send us an application with your name, age and username in Livegamers. Also tell us a little about yourself and your interests. We´ll need an example of your work, so send us two different news, which you have yourself written, and please include the sources.

Send your application to our administrators admins(at) The last day to apply is November 15th.