Maksullinen laajennus Links 2004 -peliin

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


Kuten jo foorumissa kerrottiin, Microsoft Games Studios julkaisee maksullisen (premium download) radan Links 2004-peliin. Radan nimi on Kapalua Plantation ja hintaa kyseiselle plantaasille tulee 5.20€, joka veloitetaan luottokortilta.

”I´m happy to announce that within the next 48 hours a new course will be available for Links.

Probably the worst kept secret (thanks to Daryl, LOL) is the title of this course. Yes, it is Kapalua Plantation. Be sure and tune in and watch this course on TV this weekend while you play along on Links 2004!

You should also know that it will be exclusively available via Xbox Live. You cannot download this from the internet and put it on a disk nor will you be seeing it in the Xbox Magazine disks.

**From those who get the course, we will be randomly selecting winners for some very exciting prizes including a complete set of golf clubs (with bag) and Suunto golf watches. More info about this sweepstakes (such as the deadline) will be available soon.**

David Cass
LinksTour Admin (Links PC)”