Mass Effect Postponed? [Updated]

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It´s going to be a long dry summer for RPG fans, as the release of BioWare´s anticipated role-playing game Mass Effect has been delayed to September. Originally the arrival date was set somewhere around June or July.
According to ComputerAndVideoGames website, the news came from an official Microsoft event that was held this morning. No more details were offered, but unfortunately it seems that the presumably quiet summer markets have scared Microsoft into postponing the release date.

In other words, spend your summer working and save enough moolah to keep up with the wave of RPGs such as Blue Dragon, Two Worlds and now Mass Effect, coming your way this fall.

Update 23.4.07 @ 18:47
BioWare Community Manager Chris Priestly declined to comment on CVG´s information. Writing on the Mass Effect official forum, Priestly only said that there is no official release date for Mass Effect yet.