Mass Effect Slated for June?

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


Bioware´s highly anticipated Mass Effect is coming out just fine, if we are to believe the hint that company´s Ray Muzyka gave to IGN yesterday. He said that the game won´t be seen on this year´s E3:
”That event is in July, right?” asked Ray Muzyka. ”Well, Mass Effect won´t appear at this year´s E3.”

Since Bioware is in the polishing and testing stages of Mass Effect, it´s likely the RPG will ship before the event, in either June or early July.

With killer-apps such as Halo 3 possibly in November and Grand Theft Auto IV already confirmed for October, publishers are looking to give their own titles enough market hype and retailer breathing room. Microsoft also announced yesterday that Hironobu Sakaguchi´s Blue Dragon will ship in August, so the pattern is clear. Every title will have enough time to shine and without a doubt, make some moolah.