Midway Content Today

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Eidos have released information on the upcoming downloadable content for Battlestations: Midway. The content should be available today, and as reported before, the pack contains two new missions and five new units.
Concerning the new missions the press release states:

    The Battle of the Sibuyan Sea provides a new multiplayer experience based on one of the major battles of the Leyte Gulf Campaign, the greatest naval warfare battle in history that effectively destroyed the Japanese fleet in October of 1944. Players command either the US Fleet featuring the USS Iowa and USS Enterprise or Japan’s finest fleet, Kurita, featuring the super battleships Yamato and the ill-fated Musashi.

    The single player battle, The Raid on Truk, is based on Operation Hailstone, a massive naval air and surface attack launched by the United States Navy against the Japanese naval and air base at Truk. The devastating attack took place in mid-February 1944. Players command the US Fleet in a four phase battle starting with a P-38 air strike and leading to the command of the USS Enterprise and her screening force.

The new units are the following:

    P-38 Lightning
    A fast, powerful and distinctive twin-engine interceptor and one of the most important American fighters of the Second World War. Its long range and twin engines made it well suited for duty in the Pacific.

    Nakijima J1N1 Gekko
    The first Japanese aircraft designed and built specifically to intercept and destroy other aircraft at night. It was deadly against Bombers and as a powerful kamikaze plane against ships.

    USS Iowa (BB-61)
    The lead battleship of its class. Nicknamed ”The Big Stick”, this famous flagship fought in numerous and significant battles in World War II and the Korean War.

    IJN Shimakaze
    The IJN Shimakaze (“Island Wind’) is considered to be the fastest and most powerful Destroyer of World War II and she was the only one of her class built.

    Type A mini-sub
    The Type A mini-sub was a two-man submarine. Difficult to detect, the Type A submarines were used during the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and throughout the war.