Molyneux Telling Fables

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


It seems Peter Molyneux is going to stay true to himself, contrary to what it seemed this time around. Fable 2 has now been officially hyped by the master of hype himself.
In his keynote speech at GDC07 Molyneux told that the game will feature three new important main factors. It was revealed that one of the new key elements is love, but the Lionhead boss refused to give away the others just yet. Love is represented in three ways. NPC´s will respect their hero more if their affection level is high. Women can fall in love and get pregnant, also the player´s new pet dog will act differently depending on affection.

The dog itself will, according to Molyneux, be controlled by highly advanced artificial intelligence, thus not forcing the player to focus on commanding it too much himself. There will be no map or any other on-screen interface, so the player will have to at times trust the dog´s superior instincts. The man´s best friend will also attack enemies within range if the player un-sheaths his weapon. Molyneux also says, that the game may sense if the player likes his dog, and this may lead to some sinister side plots in which the dog is in peril.

The player can also purchase any and all property in the game – from huts and barns to castles and normal houses. The regions in Fable 2 will also evolve according to the player´s actions.

Whether this all will work out well in practice remains to be seen, as Molyneux is known for being a little on the ”all talk, no action” side.