New games to Xbox Live Arcade

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting will be released by the end of this month and will cost somewhere between 10-15 euros or 800 to 1200 Microsoft Points. The news comes from Microsoft Canada´s Spring Fling event, where the company also announced Cloning Clyde.
Cloning Clyde is being developed by Ninjabee, the same company that brought us the strategy game Outpost Kaloki X. Cloning Clyde is a 3D adventure/puzzle game, featuring full Xbox Live support up to 8 players. You can find more information here.

Microsoft announced at an Xbox 360 event held in Tokyo that Pac-Man and Galaga are coming to Live Arcade. With these two games Microsoft is especially aiming to please the Japanese gaming audience, so the European release is not certain. Release date or any specific details weren´t given.

Japanese Hudson is seriously considering bringing legendary Saturn Bomberman to Live Arcade. The title is especially famous for its multiplayer mode, which spanned up to 10 players. Hudson is on Microsoft´s official list of Arcade developers, so it´s not stupid to keep your fingers crossed.

Retro games are hitting Live Arcade with force in the future. Well, who could resist Bomberman multiplayer madness?