Open Beta for Shadowrun

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Microsoft Game Studios and FASA Studios have announced that they are seeking beta testers for the upcoming Shadowrun cross-platform game. The beta program is open only to US Xbox 360 owners for now. The studios have also told that a beta program for Windows Vista may also be in the works.
Shadowrun is the flagship title of Microsoft´s Live Anywhere service, enabling gamers on Vista and Xbox 360 platforms to play together.

1. Visit the beta Web site at
2. Click on ”Invitations” on the left-side menu.
3. You will need to sign in using a valid Windows Live ID before you can continue to the ”Invitations” page. (If you have already registered for the Connect site, skip to Step 5.)
4. Please read and accept the Terms of Use Agreement then follow the instructions to register for the Connect site.
5. Enter your Invitation ID in the blank field. Your invitation ID is: SHBS-6YMT-YKHC
6. Click ”Go.”
7. Complete and submit the short questionnaire. Please enter MAJOR1 for the beta code when asked at the beginning of the questionnaire.
8. If you are not redirected immediately to the Shadowrun Beta Selection homepage after completing the questionnaire, click the My Participations link on the left hand navigation bar and then click the Shadowrun program link. This will redirect you to the Shadowrun Beta Selection Homepage.
9. Once you are on the Shadowrun Beta Selection Homepage, you will need to complete the rest of the registration process by signing up for the forums by clicking the Join the Forums button then click the Welcome to the Official Shadowrun Community Forum Sign In button.
10. Wait patiently for us to contact you with further instructions. Check back at for further beta announcements.