Player´s Pack Red Edition to Spice Up Vegas

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers

14.02.2007 has released information on the rumoured downloadable pack for Rainbow Six: Vegas. The pack is titled Player´s Pack Red Edition, and it contains three completely new maps, two old re-hashed maps and two new multiplayer modes.
The new game modes are, as rumoured, Assassination and Total Conquest. Both new modes can be played on the older maps as well as the new, downloadable maps. The completely new maps are Doscala Restaurant (an Italian restaurant), Marshalling Yard (an old service yard) and Roof (a coffee factory). The old revised and re-lit maps are Border Town and Killhouse.

The actual price and release date for the expansion wasn´t given.

So, three new maps instead of ten or six, and furthermore the name of the pack suggests that a second pack is in the works. What do you think? Rip-off or not?