Root Beer Served at Arcade

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


Forget Worms and Castlevania. This week´s Xbox Live Arcade addition is Midway´s classic (as in old) Root Beer Tapper. The original game was released in 1983.
The player´s mission is to serve root beer to the patrons and keep their pints filled.

The press release says:

  • Authentic to the original game, “Root Beer Tapper” on Xbox Live Arcade brings you a classic favorite.
  • Take on a bar full of thirsty folks in “Root Beer Tapper” and see if you can keep their mugs full.
  • Grab the empty mugs before they slide off the bar.
  • Earn extra points by collecting tips.
  • Locate and open the one can that has not been shaken up and serve it up to waiting patrons in the bonus rounds.
  • Enjoy high-definition support for detailed graphics.
  • Play either locally or over Xbox Live* in co-op or versus modes.
  • Have your scores posted on the Xbox Live Leaderboard. High scores are tracked for the current week and also for all-time arcade, co-op and versus game modes.
  • Earn up to 12 Achievements and 200 gamerscore points.

Root Beer Tapper should be available from 9 A.M. GMT on 7th of February. Buying the game will set you back 400 MSP.