Splinter Cell: Conviction Unveiled

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The Finnish gaming magazine, Pelaaja, has unveiled Splinter Cell: Conviction in its latest number. In SC: Conviction, Sam Fisher is reportedly no longer on the right side of the law.
The developers say that Sam moves from the shadows to the light, and from remote military bases to the middle of the crowds. In response to this, the game is said to be more aggressive, an ”active stealth” game. Whether this is a similar ”merging in to the crowds” as in Assassin´s Creed or something completely different, remains to be seen.

A small excerpt from a interview in Pelaaja says:

”How much do you believe you get from Xbox 360 in terms of power, by choosing to develop the game exclusively to it?”

”It´s our second Splinter Cell game on Xbox 360, so our know-how is better to begin with… and it will show. Because Splinter Cell: Conviction is only developed for Xbox 360, we won´t have to focus on the limitations of other platforms and make compromises. This liberty will give us more possibilities and this game will truly show, what 360 can really do.”