Texas Hold´em Updated

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


An update for the popular Texas Hold´em Live Arcade game will be available as of today, free of charge. The new features promise to eliminate cheating and ensure fair competition. Gameplay has also been sped up and leaderboards improved. Gamers can now start playing immediately by posting the big blind rather than waiting for the turn to come to them.
Those of you annoyed by the slackers who let their timer expire continuously, can breathe easy: a new Auto-Boot Mode ensures that players who continue to let their timer expire will be automatically booted from the table. A nifty new feature is also the Away Mode, which makes your hands auto-fold and your blinds auto-posted until you toggle the mode back to normal.

”This update incorporates much of the feedback that we have heard from the community over the past couple of months,” says Microsoft´s Xbox Live director of programming Major Nelson.

Full list of updates here.