This Week´s Arcade Games Named

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


Microsoft has revealed Rush ´n Attack and Xevious, the two Live Arcade titles slated for release tomorrow.
Rush ´n Attack is a resurrection of an old arcade hit Green Beret. In Rush ´n Attack, the player plays the role of a special corps agent who sets out to free his captured fellow countrymen. The game consists of four stages which can all be played solo or with a friend on Xbox Live or on the same sofa.

Xevious is, as well, a remake but of an old arcade game with the same name. Xevious is a vertical bird´s eye view shooter where the player must destroy the mothership Andor Genesis. The game has been promised to be a 100 percent accurate copy of the original.

Both of the games will be released for download tomorrow at a price of 400 MSP each.