Turtle Power Reaches Arcade

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


This week´s new Live Arcade will be none other than the lovable Teenage Mutant Ninja (or Hero, depending on where you live) Turtles.
The Live version of this arcade classic will feature four turtles to choose from. The katana wielding Leonardo, the nunchaku virtuoso Michelangelo, the stick packing Donatello and of course the sai slashing Raphael.

The game´s seven levels can all be played through on single-player mode, but also four-player cooperative is fully supported over Xbox Live. In addition to being able to go at it as a four-player team, players will get to compete against each other through fully supported Xbox Live Leaderboards.

The game will cost 400 Microsoft Points and come out tomorrow, the 14th of March at 9.00 GMT.