Virtua Fighter 5 goes 360

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Since May´s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) some rumors have flown about the game coming to Xbox 360 due to guesses that it was an Xbox 360 that the demo was run by to begin with. All the doubting has, however, now been proved in vain, as Sega has finally made it official: Virtua Fighter is making an Xbox 360 debut.
To celebrate the fact that this all is now official, has uploaded a galore of screenshots into their Virtua Fighter 5 gallery here.

Release date for the Xbox 360 version is yet to be confirmed but there has been talk about the Summer of 2007 while the PS3 version is likely to come out a few months earlier.

The Virtua Fighter series has been around since the release of Sega Saturn and in addition to Saturn´s two installments had a Dreamcast and PS2 sequels made as well with the third child in the series being exclusive to Dreamcast and the fourth one to PS2.