X360 Evolves into an Entertainment Center

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


Microsoft has announced that Xbox 360 will feature TV shows and movies that you will be able to download from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Initially, over 1000 hours of entertainment will be at your disposal.
Microsoft has made deals with studios and networks, for example Warner Bros., CBS and Paramount Pictures. All content will be available in high definiton and standard definition formats. The entertainment library, which will be available before the end of this year, include hit TV series like Stark Trek, C.S.I. and Simpsons, as well as movies like Mission Impossible III, The Matrix and Superman Returns. The movies will be like rentals, you´ll have 14 days to watch a single movie. The TV series you get to keep.

Peter Moore, Corporate Vice President of the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft hyped: ”This groundbreaking announcement is a win for everyone. It connects our partners with one of the most coveted audiences in entertainment today, and provides even greater value to our Xbox Live community, allowing them to enjoy the games and entertainment they want, when they want it.”

There has been no mention of prices and the European release date is still unknown.