Xbox 360 Gets a Keyboard

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


Earlier this week, Gamespot told that Microsoft would be bringing a new keyboard add-on which would attach to the Xbox 360 controller. While this news was released a little earlier than it should have, at least judging from the fact that it was deleted short after its release, Microsoft has now confirmed this to be true.
The peripheral will most likely be greeted with open arms, since this Spring´s new Dashboard update will make Microsoft´s Windows Live Messenger usable from Xbox 360. According to Gamespot, the 47-character QWERTY-style keyboard can be attached to the controller´s lower portion where the headset is normally plugged in.

The price for this accessory is yet unknown, but its release is probably set to coincide with the release of the Spring update.

For actual pictures of the add-on, go to TalkXbox. For Microsoft´s confirmation of the news and additional information click here.