Xbox 360 Had a Merry Christmas

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


Market analysts indicate, that X360 was the best-selling console during the Christmas holidays. Downloadable HD movies have also made an impression in the United States.
Xbox 360 sold around 2 million units during the Christmas holidays of 2006 in the United States. Even though it has been on the markets for a year, Xbox 360 still managed to lure new buyers in the course of the holiday shopping frenzy. Nintendo´s Wii was closely behind with 1.8 million sold units, with the first batch reportedly sold out within merely hours. Sony´s PS3 was trailing behind with only 750 000 units sold due to stock shortages

According to Variety downloadable HD movies for Xbox 360 have been a success. Renting or buying movies via Xbox Live has been surprisingly popular and Microsoft has succeeded where others could not. If you can choose between simply watching a movie from your comfy couch on your HD TV, or downloading a movie first on your PC or Mac, it´s quite obvious which option would be more tempting. HD movies have been particularly popular compared to the normal versions.

Most downloaded titles include for example V for Vendetta, South Park and CSI.