Zombies Just Cannot Die?

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


According to QJ.net, the Japanese games magazine Famitsu has gotten information on a Dead Rising sequel being in the works.
Capcom´s first Dead Rising was an action-packed zombie-killer for Xbox 360. The game itself was a mixture of humor and survival horror. Dead Rising tells the story of a photo journalist, Frank West, who is trapped in a zombie-infested mall where he tries to solve the mystery and make a Pulizer-worthy scoop in the mean time. Frank has to use his intellect, and items found in the mall as his weapons, in order to stay alive and get a story that would make him famous.

The rumor that has now come out really contains nothing new as Capcom´s Mark Beaumont already revealed a few months ago that the company would be bringing new episodes to the series in the coming years. No new details about the sequel are yet known.