Livegamers Monthly Celebrity – Aleksi Laiho

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Thanks to Syndicated for the original Finnish text
The purpose of Livegamers monthly celebrity is to reveal the hidden skeletons celebrities might have, meaning what games do they play, why, and do they even play at all? After the first interview, the users of Livegamers began sending suggestions who might be the next interviewee, and after a few suggestions from our users, Syndicated contacted Aleksi Laiho.

This month’s celebrity Aleksi Laiho is said to be one of the best guitar players in the world. The lead man of Children Of Bodom is the only Finn who has signature ESP guitars manufactured for wide distribution. ESP Laiho and ESP Laiho Sawtooth are hand-made according to Aleksi’s instruction and they cost 3 999 € a piece. The band is very popular around the world and we had a tiny moment of the short time Aleksi gets to spend in sweet ol’ Finland.

Aleksi Laiho FactFile

Nicknames: Allu, Wildchild, Alexi
Profession: Rock Star
Age: 27
Star Sign: Aries
Gaming Gear: PlayStation 2
Idols: Steve Vai, Randy Rhoads, Ozzy’s guitar players…
Motto: Fuck it’s a shitty day.

Greetings Alexi. Thank you for agreeing for an interview. How are you doing?

Been sleepin’ badly lately, but other than that, I’m ok. My hand has been bad, so I haven’t been able to play the guitar that much.

Children of Bodom has gained huge amounts of popularity around the world. How would you separate Finnish and foreign audience, what are the differences?

There isn’t that many differences, mainly some country related. In some countries folks come chattin’ more openly. In Japan they are more distant, sort of idol worshiping kinda stuff.

And now to gaming questions. What games are you playing?

Mostly driving games, and Tony Hawks have been played through. GTA: San Andreas is unfinished ‘cause I lost my nerves with the aeroplane mission. A little bit of Splinter Cell. Driving games that you can play with friends, like Gran Turismo.

How much do you play approximately a week?

Not much, actually. Of course it depends on what kind of life situation I’m having at the moment. There’s not much time to play anyway, but on occasion of day off, the hours pass quickly playing games. Silent Hills are just the best games, I’ve been playing for ten hours without noticing the time.

What kind of gaming gear have you got?

PlayStation 2

Are there any gaming devices in the band’s bus, and if there are then what is played in there?

Mostly only PlayStation. It’s nice to play Worms when you’re drunk and then laugh your ass off. We’ve played Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell to the half way with the bass player. If there are no interviews before the gig, you have loads of time, and then you’ll have time to play almost more than at home.

Name all-time top 3 games.

Silent Hill 3, GTA Vice City, Tony Hawk’s Underground 1

What game are you expecting the most at this moment?

You always wait for the new GTA and of course Silent Hill

What do you think about playing in general? In your opinion, for example, is playing comparable to real sport?

Of course not, well except that I hurt my shoulder while bowling and thought that I’m the biggest idiot in the world, but then my friend went and hurt his knee while playing Wii’s baseball.

Where do you see the future of gaming?

I’m guessing that it will always evolve. I don’t know where could it go from here, but I’m guessing that playing will always be there to act as an escape route from the real life.

What is the most fun game to play with your friends?

For me it is the driving games, but not by following the rules, but by trying to push your friends to bushes. I haven’t bought any fighting games for a while, but they’ve been also a lot of fun.

Have you familiarized yourself with the Livegamers or PCGamers service?


Could you send your greetings to the users of Livegamers?

Thank you all who have bought records or supported us in some other way, and remember to drink beer occasionally while you’re playing!

At the end of the interview I gave Alexi a Livegamers shirt, and let’s hope that it will show at gig some day. And let’s hope that he will some day see the light concerning the consoles he plays.