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Livegamers is launching a new interview section, where we interview a well-known Finnish, or even international, celebrity.
Our intention is to bring the skeletons out of the celebrities’ closets, asking what games they play, on what platforms, and of course, the Top 3 all time favourite games.

The honour of the first ever celebrity to be interviewed goes to Vivian Sin’amor, a Finnish rock star. Vivian plays the guitar in a band called Lovex, a band that has rapidly become well-known in Finland. Singles ”Guardian Angel”, ”Bleeding”, and the new ”Bullet for the pain” have made Lovex a hit.

Lovex is one of the 12 participants to qualify in the Finnish Eurovision Song Contest qualification rounds, to become the representative in the first ever Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Finland. The title ”Anyone Anymore” with which the band is qualifying, is a hard, but melodic rock song with cool guitar riffs and wide, orchestral sound.

For those who do not know Lovex, Lovex was founded 2001 in a small town near Tampere, called Hämeenkyrö. The band’s first and only ambition was to become the best and most known rock band in the world. The English section of their site can be found in

Vivian Sin’amor Fact File

Real name: –
Profession : Rock star
Age: 25
Star Sign: Virgo
Gaming Gear: Gamecube, PC, PS2
Band: Lovex (
Idols: Slash, Guns ’n Roses, Backyard Babies, Mötley Crüe, Metallica
Motto: No day job for me anymore! Follow the dream and you shall have it… punk!!!

Vivian squeezed us in his really tight schedule for a brief interview.

Hi Vivian. You have the honour of being the first ever Livegamers Celebrity to be interviewed. So what’s up?

Hi. Everything is just great! Eurovision keeps me busy, and we are also promoting our band in Germay, Austria and Switzerland. We are trying to squeeze in a tour to Middle Europe. Back home the biggest thing is the Eurovision, which we are participating in. To win, of course 😉

Lovex has become quite a phenomenon in Finland and now you already have a strong foothold in Germany. Where is Lovex going next?

We will see. I think this year will be spent touring Europe, but after Europe I think we will hit Japan. There has been lots of good feedback from there, and I think that’s the place to promote our band after Middle Europe.

What games does Vivian Sin’amor play?

It depends. Alone at home I usually play FPS games like Half-Life2, Far Cry etc. I have been playing a lot of Resident Evil series, whenever I have the time to play.

How many hours do you play in a week?

Well it depends on the week. Nowadays I don’t have spare time that much for playing but when I have the time, I can play from the moment I wake up and spend the whole day playing. I can easily spend 12 consecutive hours playing a new and interesting game. Sometimes I have little time to spend and I don’t play anything for a week or two.

What hardware do you have?

A PC and a Gamecube.

Does the band have game consoles in the bus and if you do, what games do you play?

We have a PS2 in the bus, but we have been thinking of getting an Xbox 360 and maybe a PS3 when it’s released. It would be best if we had all the possible consoles in the bus. I would really like to have all the consoles from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo at home too, even though I think PC is still the best gaming hardware there is, for the moment at least.

The games using the Xbox 360 HD-technology look awesome on a big HD capable TV screen so it is really tempting us.

Usually we play all kinds of games that you can play with 4 players such as football, ice-hockey and rally games. We’ve found frequent use for a music quiz called ”Buzz.” And I’ve been thinking of getting a laptop so we could play all kinds of FPS games in LAN.

What are the all time Top 3 games for Vivian?

Resident Evil 4, Half-Life 2 and Far Cry. I have to admit that there can be much better games out there but I haven’t had time to test them. For example Gears Of War seems tempting.

What game are you waiting for at the moment?

I am actually waiting to get the Xbox 360 and when Halo 3 is released I will be on fire! Although I will be waiting for the next episodes of Half-Life and Resident Evil series, because I have always been a fan of those series.

What do you think of gaming in general, for example do you think that gaming can be compared to real sports?

In a way I think yeah, for example playing Nintendo Wii console can be like sports, but something like Counter-Strike is far away from real sports. But I think that gaming is a sport in some way, or at least competing, but I would not wait for it to be called sports. Maybe in the future the hardware develop to that stage where gaming can be called sports.

What do you think the future has in store for gaming?

I am waiting for gaming to develop into two different categories. To the ones that have gamers sitting in front of the PC, wearing 3D glasses and playing Half-Life 10 and the ones having the video game glasses in a big space and jumping around in a weird outfit trying to be an athlete or a superhero. Well yea… Anyways I belive that the real 3D environment will be transferred from science fiction movies to real life.

What’s the best or the most entertaining game to play against friends?

I bet that the Wii sports games are great to play in a group, but I do dig these basic rally and football games. The best memory of playing in a group has been Ghost Recon 1 in LAN with friends.

Have you had time to have an excursion to Livegamers or Pcgamers?

Sorry, I haven’t had the time for it yet.

What would you like to say to the users of our site?

Play, vote, eat, drink, vote!!!

That was the interview of Vivian Sin’amor, the guitarist of Lovex. We wish the best of luck for Lovex in Eurovision Song Contest and also in the future!

We plan to publish a celebrity interview each month, mostly Finnish celebrities but maybe a foreign star now and then. If you have a suggestion who we should interview, you can send a personal message to me (syndicated).