Review: Tritton AX 5.1 Pro -Headset

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Tritton is know of their high-end solutions on the headset field and AX 5.1 Pro is no different.
Even the package itself is quality work. All the adapters, cables etc. are all packed neatly in this quite a big box.

The package includes:

  • Headphones
  • Microphone
  • 2 power AC’s (one for the headset, 1 for the Dolby Digital module)
  • Dolby Digital module
  • Changable earmuffs (1 set of leather ones, 1 set of foam ones)
  • Optical Cable
  • Analog Cables
  • Adapter for Xbox360 LIVE chat
  • Manual for different connections.

    Be versatile – the trick of the computer age

    The Tritton AX 5.1 Pro headset is a very versatile piece of work. The mic is removable, so when watching movies you can sit back and enjoy without the microphone in between your moviesnacks and your mouth. Also the headset is compatible with PS3, Xbox360, PC, hometheatres and DVD players. That gives this product a quite large audience.

    Xbox 360

    As a 360 player, my first instinct was to try the product out with Halo3.
    Connecting the headset to Xbox 360 was easy and fast, and once you get to play you will notice the difference. Hanging from the headsets cable, you find a small ”remote” that you can use to change the volume levels for the individual channels (front, back, center, subwoofer) and also mute and change the volume of the xbox Live voice-chat.

    The headset has 4 individual speakers in both cups, so you hear quite accurately where the enemy is closing in on you. Also the subwoofer gets my points! Every explosion sounded really awesome. Almost wanted to stand closer to the explosions to get the subwoofer to sing!


    You can use this headset on your PC, using the optical or the analogic cables. Only thing you need is a 5.1 soundcard.

    Playing games like Counter-Strike Source online, you really notice in a few rounds how important hearing is in a fast paced team play like Counter-Strike. If you can hear your opponent from distance, you always have a small advantage when playing. The headset really delivered a top audio performance for this game.

    If you are a Counter-Strike freak, you have to try these!

    Why to buy?

    This headset does have a pricetag on it, and quite big one indeed. sells this product for 239.95€. That is a huge price for a headset.
    But if you play team FPS games and your clanwars are very important to you, then this is your product. The advantage it gives, can really affect your level as a gamer. Hearing the opponent way before than with normal headset, and also hearing the direction where he comes. Priceless.

    The verdict. Pro’s and Con’s
    + Very comfortable to use
    + Changable earmuffs
    + Sound quality
    + Changeing the volumelevels individualy during gameplay
    + Universal product

    – Too much cables for my taste
    – I had to yell quite loud in Xbox live party-chat for my friends to hear me so microphone gets a minus
    – Price.

    For more information, please visit
    the Tritton AX 5.1 Pro -site