360 goes Postal

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


Game developer Running With Scissors has announced the next installment of their cult Postal-franchise, Postal 3, for the Xbox 360.
Complete with trademark gore and profanity Postal 3 will be harnessing Valve´s Source-engine to bring you the next generation of social satire and political incorrectness, promises Running With Scissors in their recent press release.

Postal 3 will also feature motion captured celebrity appearances from film stars to Playboy Playmates, (hopefully the napalm-toting Gary Coleman of Postal 2 will be back with a vengeance). Players intending to don the role of franchise protagonist ”Postal Dude” will also enjoy a versatile storyline offering a ”vast latitude in terms of their behavior.” RWS CEO Vince Desi vowes ”We´ve always maintained since publishing the original POSTAL that the game is only as violent as the player wants it to be and we´re committed to expanding this unique form of gameplay in this next addition to the ongoing storyline.”

360 gamers looking to go Postal within the near future should control their temper. Expect to be shocked, humoured and moderately disgusted… however, expect to wait until 2008 for the game´s scheduled released.