Assassin´s Creed sneaks onto the 360… fo´ real.

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Initially unveiled at Sony´s E3 2006 booth, Ubisoft´s Assassin´s Creed has gone through a storm of rumours and a cloud of mystique over the past 5 months. While never straight out claiming it to be a Playstation 3 exclusive, Ubisoft refused to comment on multi-platform possibilities which in turn enticed the online community into hype and speculation over the game´s true orientation, strictly PS3 or bi-curious? Finally, Ubisoft has lifted their poorly orchestrated charade and Assassin´s Creed has come out of the closet, proudly multiplatform, in the newest issues of Electronic Gaming Monthly and 360 Magazine.
While the announcement will hardly catch many in awe, it certainly shifts a weight off a 360 owners heart. The motives behing Ubi´s secrecy remain unclear, speculations range for exclusivity negotiations to some kind of 4 month marketing-hype exclusivity. Hopefully we won´t see this kind of secrecy as a future trend, as the same kind of speculation has already started stirring around previously considered Wii exclusive Rayman.

Who claims that life isn´t full of suprises? Bungie is indeed making a new Halo.. Assassin´s Creed is multiplatform.. what next!? Assassin´s Creed is due out for 360, PS3 and PC sometime next year. No additional details were released.