Content Download: Links 2004

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Juuri tulleen tiedon mukaan Links 2004 -peliin on saatavilla uusi rata ”The O.M. Director’s Cut”, joka on erikois-versio ”Ocean Mills Country Club” -radasta. Kehittäjät ovat kuunnelleet saamiaan palautteita ja tehneet vaikeustasoltaan haastavamman version suositusta radasta.
Laajennus on maksuton ja on ladattavissa maailmanlaajuisesti Xbox Liven kautta. Kokoa sille tulee mahtavat 5565 blokkia.

”This course was not part of our original release schedule and it will not affect the plans we have in place for the new courses coming out in the coming months. Over the last 5 months we’ve found that Links 2004 has a great community of players that meet and communicate at the Links-2004 forum on and they have been asking for a more challenging course. Well we’ve heard that feedback loud and clear and took the opportunity while working on this most recent Auto-Update to deliver a course that meets the need expressed by the community. -Daryl Welsh kertoo.