Crackdown Fan Site Kit

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(Helsinki) – Monday 14th August 2006 – Cracking down on crime has never been easier as Microsoft Game Studios today announced the release of the Crackdown Fan Site Kit. The 64 MB kit is now available for download at the game´s official community site ( The fan site kit contains all tools necessary to build a crime-fighting fan site, including screenshots, renders, forum avatars, desktop wallpapers, and much more.
“Crackdown” pushes the action-driving hybrid genre into the next generation with the first ever truly 3-D playground. Gamers will enforce justice by any means necessary in Pacific City, a crime-ridden urban center built to encourage the exploration of the full width, depth and height of the city. Coupled with highly innovative co-op gameplay — a genre first — and an interactive world where nearly anything can be used as a weapon, gamers will be able to create a volatile cocktail of judicial oppression as they clean up the streets.

Taking advantage of Xbox Live functionality, “Crackdown” will enable gamers to team up with friends in a co-op mode. Using teamwork over Xbox Live in this manner opens up an entirely new gameplay dynamic that allows gamers to get out of tight spots and problem solve difficult situations in the game.

“Crackdown” is developed by Scotland’s Real Time Worlds exclusively for Microsoft Game Studios and the Xbox 360 platform. Real Time Worlds is led by Dave Jones, the creative mastermind behind some of the most innovative and best-selling video games, including the global blockbuster “Grand Theft Auto” and the legendary hit “Lemmings.”

Source: Press-release