Epic Continues to Improve Gears of War

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


Mark Rein from Epic Games writes about Gears of War and what´s in store for the future. He posted on the official Gears of War forums and by the looks of it, they´re pretty pleased with the response the game has received.
Mark Rein wrote:

”The reaction to Gears of War has been better-than-outstanding. We’re extremely happy that everyone seems to love the game! More Gears of War multiplayer content and functionality is on the way.

It has become pretty clear to us all that Gears of War will undoubtedly be the biggest selling game in Epic’s 15-year history. With a game that has such a wide appeal it is also clear to me that we’re touching a lot console gamers who have never experienced what it is like to buy a game made by Epic Games.

Console customers, for the most part, are used to buying a game and that being, pretty much, the end of what they can expect for that game. That’s not how Epic Games works. We have a long-term history of supporting our games well after release. Since the very first Unreal Tournament game we have had a track record of excellent post-release support.

We’re going to support Gears of War and we’re going to make improvements and enhancements for it.

Right now we don’t have an exact release plan for this but we’re absolutely listening to you, our customers. Keep posting in this forum. Let us know if you find any problems. Let us know what you love and what you don’t love about the game. We’ll do out best to keep you happy playing Gears of War for years to come!

Every opinion counts. All we ask in return is that you be courteous with each other and keep on topic.”

Gears of War – official forum.