Forza Motorsport 2 details

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


Some new details have been released on the upcoming racer Forza Motorsport 2. Positive news is that there will be a realistic damage model and the negative one is that there will be no cockpit view.
There are three different levels in the damage model. In the easiest one there will be only cosmetic damage to the car when crashed, but in addition the two other levels offer very realistic damage to car´s performance. By using a realistic damage model, the developers are trying to create as authentic driving experience as possible.

Another significant feature is Forza TV, which is similar to Project Gotham Racing 3´s Gotham TV. Forza TV is developed in close co-operation with Bizzare Creations, creator of PGR3.

Negative news for some gamers might be the fact that there won´t be a cockpit view in Forza Motorsport 2. Instead there will be an unnamed view which was first planned for Forza Motorsport, but didn´t make it to the final game.