GRAW 2 Developer Interviewed

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Interested in the upcoming shooter Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2? Read on, because we have a fresh interview with Oliver Dauba, a dev at Ubisoft. The interview covers many of the game´s features, including graphical improvements, the new Cross-Com 2.0 and more.
Are you planning to include an FPS view in Ghost Recon 2? The old school gamers love it, and it worked well on the PC version of GRAW.

The FPS view is still available via the Menu. We believe that the PC & X360 version feel & play differently. Thus, and due to the specific PC gamers, FPS view was the logical thing to do.

Will the graphics in the multiplayer part of the game be as good as the single player in GRAW 2? This was not the case in the previous title.

We´ve devoted a huge amount of engineering resources to stepping up the graphics in GRAW 2 multiplayer. The biggest upgrade by far is a switch to more advanced lighting effects, including a dynamic lighting and shadowing system. We´ve also revamped the special effects so you´ll see the shimmer of heat from explosions and burning buildings, wind and helicopters effecting smoke and foliage, advanced bullet impact effects, distance blur …the ‘works’.

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