Happy Anniversary Halo!

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


Bungie and Microsoft reveal tons of fun stuff in celebration of the fifth anniversary of the already legendary Xbox game Halo, and the fourth anniversary of Xbox Live.
The official Halo 3 TV ad will be broadcast in the USA 4th of December, while European fans can see it via Xbox.com at the same time. After the broadcasting, it will be available for download on the Marketplace exclusively for Xbox 360 users. The ad doesn´t contain actual gameplay footage and is more movie-like.

The second anniversary gift for all Halo fans are the new multiplayer maps for Halo 2. These maps will be available ”sometime next spring”, Bungie.net promises. Downloading will cost something and will only be possible for Xbox 360 users.

The most exciting gift of all is the upcoming public beta version of Halo 3, also coming next spring. Gamers will be able to play multiplayer over Live, and this way help the development team fix possible problems in the game before the final version is released. Bungie promised more information in the upcoming weeks.