Livegamers Official Chart (Week 49)

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


The only Finnish chart that ranks the most played Xbox 360 games has been updated, and it is brought to you by Livegamers. The chart presents the most played games among Livegamers´ users.
This week is somewhat uneventful if we look at the top ten. The only real climber is Rainbow Six: Vegas which rises a nice 21 places to number ten, thus knocking out Call of Duty 2. Small Arms drops a few places while Hexic HD and PGR 3 both climb up a place.

Here´s the top ten, check out the entire chart here

1. Gears of War (1808)
2. Texas Hold´em (1135)
3. Call Of Duty 3 (1051)
4. G.R.A.W. (805)
5. NHL 07 (728)
6. Oblivion (692)
7. Hexic HD (653)
8. PGR 3 (578)
9. Small Arms (551)
10. Rainbow Six: Vegas (517)