Lost Planet Unveiled

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22. September Capcom showcased Lost Planet, a sci-fi action third-person shooter for Xbox 360. The story is set on a planet covered in ice, where humankind struggles for its survival while competing with hostile aliens over colonized areas. The leading man is a human snow pirate Wayne, who has lost all but a few fragments of his memory. He merely remembers his father being brutally slain by the strange indigenous inhabitants of the planet, Akrid. Wayne’s destiny is intertwined with the ruthless plan of the Neo Venus Construction Corporation (NEVEC) to cleanse the planet of both snow pirates and Akrid alike.
Lost Planet will include a real-time loading system for more complete immersion. Huge world maps can be explored on foot or with armed vehicles. Advanced light sourcing is said to ensure a greater level of detail. Xbox Live will offer the gamer a chance to play online in team battles and download additional content.

Online multiplayer cooperative and versus battles, with up to 16 players, include modes such as Elimination, Team Elimination, Post Grab and Fugitive Hunt. In Post Grab teams must capture and hold as many posts as possible. In Fugitive Hunt one player is assigned the status of “Fugitive” and he or she will earn points for different actions, such as killing enemies, staying alive or capturing posts. Dying will deduce points and the winner is determined when a maximum total is reached or when the score goes down to zero. Additional downloadable content will include new weapons, missions and maps. The developers also promised a vast environment with snowy wastes and deserted cities, all enshrouded in an arctic climate. Massive battles take place above and under the ground.

The game will be released in January 2007.