Lost Planet Updated

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


Capcom has released an update for its hit title Lost Planet. When downloaded, the update will fix a number of problems in the multiplayer mode. Previously bound for a 9th of March release, gamers will get to enjoy it ahead of schedule for once.
– A flag representing the gamers´ nationality has been added to the lobby with a meter that indicates the quality of the connection
– Players can now see an icon above the person who is currently talking
– Dropped players have their name marked in gray on the post-match scoreboard
– A Fugitive´s reward for killing a Hunter will be lower: points for a successful kill reduced by 75%
– If the server lags too much, the host will be unable to start the game
– Infamous bug allowing the players to decrease loading times by initiating a taunt has been erased

In addition to these updates, there will be five new multiplayer maps made ready for download soon.