Lumines Live! Expanded

Kirjoittanut: Livegamers


Next Wednesday Lumines Live! fans will be treated with three new downloads for the game. One of the expansions will be free of charge for Live Gold members, but only for a limited period of time.
The first add-on is called Heavenly Star Skin and will be free for Gold members from January 24th to February 21st. After that the cost will be 150 Microsoft Points. With the Heavenly Star Skin you can enjoy the challenges of Lumines Live! while listening to a catchy song performed by a group called Genki Rockets. The song will be complimented with a music video playing in the background.

The VS CPU Pack is the second add-on, and the name says it all: the player challenges the CPU. For the same limited time as the Heavenly Star Skin, you´ll be able to purchase the VS CPU Pack for 100 MS Points, and after that the cost will be 300 MS Points. The pack includes new skins and character designs.

The Puzzle/Mission Pack add-on has the same discount as the VS CPU Pack. You´ll get additional 90 puzzles and 40 missions to challenge your brain with.